kayaks & stand-up paddleboards

Explore the caves of middle beach

The Ocean Kayak comes in single, double and triple form. They are light, agile and popular with people of all ages. In light winds, they are a relaxing way to get out on the water and enjoy the experience.

Single kayaks require one person to paddle but can accommodate one small child in the front if required.

Double kayaks require two people to paddle, but can accommodate a passenger in the middle if required.

Triple kayaks require three people to paddle, but can accommodate two passengers between them if required.

The stand-up paddleboards are a relatively new addition to the fleet. They provide an interesting variation to the traditional seaborn craft and a fun challenge for anyone who attempts it.

The National Trust will be running tours to Old Harry for stand-up paddleboards and kayaks throughout the summer. These will take place in the early morning and include breakfast or in the evening to be finished off with a barbeque. Visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk or call 01929 450500.


  • Pricing

    Triple kayak
    Double kayak
    Single kayak

    £10 per half hour
    £8 per half hour
    £6 per half hour
    £12 per half hour

    Stand-up paddleboard
    Large S.U.P
    Monster S.U.P

    £8 per half hour
    £12 per half hour
    £15 per half hour
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  • buoyancy aids and wetsuits

    CE approved buoyancy aids will be supplied automatically. This is a mandatory safety measure for everyone aged twelve and below. It is optional for everyone aged thirteen and above. Wetsuits are available for an additional £2.00 for the duration of the hire.
  • restrictions

    The area in which the kayaks can be used is clearly marked out for the safety of all customers. This includes the caves at the end of middle beach and enough distance out to sea to witness a great view. The minimum age for hirers is eight, if an adult is not present. All levels of competence welcome.
  • safety

    The safety boat is present in the area at all times and is equipped with a radio when in use so that it can be summoned at any time. All boats are launched and recovered by a trained member of staff, weather and sea state permitting.