roam the bay on your own terms

There are a number of boats available for hire:

The Topaz 14 catamaran requires a good level of experience to enjoy fully. It will hold two people and in the right wind conditions will start planing.

The Topaz Magno is a large monohulled boat with capacity for three adults or two adults and two children. It requires a good level of experience and performs well in high winds.

The Laser Pico is the most well-known out of all the boats we have. It is used by training schools across the world due to its stability, agility and ease of use. It holds two people comfortably and is good for people who are relatively new to sailing.

The Laser Funboat is best suited to beginners. It has no centreboard to worry about and the positioning of the tiller and mainsheets makes it easy to sail without any complex techniques required,

There are a selection of windsurfer sails and boards available for hire. These range from beginners' rigs with small sails and large boards to expert rigs that can gain high speed in the right conditions.

Anyone hiring sailing craft is free to explore whole bay at their leisure.


  • pricing

    Laser Funboat
    Laser Pico
    Topaz Magno
    RS Vision
    Topaz-14 Cat
    RS 16 Cat

    £13 per hour
    £15 per hour
    £20 per hour
    £20 per hour
    £25 per hour
    £25 per hour
    £30 per hour

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  • buoyancy aids and wetsuits

    CE approved buoyancy aids will be supplied automatically to everyone who takes out a sailing boat or windsurfer. This is a mandatory safety measure. Wetsuits are available for an additional £2.00 for the duration of the hire.
  • restrictions

    Minimum requirement is RYA level 2 or equivalent experience. The main hirer must be at least sixteen years of age.
  • safety

    The safety boat is present in the area at all times and is equipped with a radio when in use so that it can be summoned at any time. All boats are rigged, launched and recovered by a trained member of staff, weather and sea state permitting. All hirers will have all aspects of the craft explained and demonstrated before departure to ensure fulll satisfaction.